A Must for Private Schools to be approved for junior Secondary

The National government is doing a great job in supporting the Competence Based Curriculum -CBC. Private schools have been in the spotlight to ensure they meet all the requirements in line with the CBC program. The government has gone further to support them in various ways including transition of learners to junior high school.

The Nation is looking forward to having the pioneer junior secondary school student transiting from grade 6 .The government, through the ministry of education and related stakeholders have been involved in the construction of the classrooms and other facilities in most public and private schools across the country.

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According to the government, all private schools looking at having junior secondary school wing, must have acceptable learning and teaching facilities in order to be approved. The Principal Secretary in the state department for implementation of Curriculum Reforms, Fatuma Chege, Explained the above conditions to the press after assessing the preparedness of private schools in Kirinyaga County, Kerugoya municipality.

She emphasized that private schools will be permitted to host junior secondary schools only if they have fully equipped science laboratories. This is because Science subjects will be integrated, and laboratories are indispensable facilities. The PS also added that the government, through the Ministry of Education, will work with private schools to ensure the success of the curriculum.

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