Ed-Tech Startup Expands Educational Opportunities in Kenya

Craydel, a Kenyan EdTech startup, has successfully raised $1 million in a pre-seed funding round. The company’s platform offers a valuable resource for comparing colleges, course options, and tuition fees.

With the latest funding, Craydel aims to enhance its search and recommendation technology and expand its online resources, revolutionizing the way students make informed decisions about their higher education journey.

Investment Round Led by Prominent Venture Funds and Angel Investors

Enza Capital, a private venture fund specializing in early-stage tech startups across Africa, led the investment round. Other notable participants include Future of Learning Fund, BriteGaze, Bisk Ventures, and Tekton Ventures.

The funding round also attracted contributions from prominent angel investors, including founders and executives from Africa’s leading SaaS, e-commerce, and education startups. Chandaria Capital from Kenya and LoftyInc Afropreneurs Fund from Nigeria also joined as investors.

Addressing the Gap: Founders’ Vision for Craydel

Craydel was founded earlier this year by Manish Sardana, John Nguru, and Shayne Aman Premji. The startup was born out of the founders’ recognition of the lack of a reliable platform in Africa that guides decisions regarding college and course selection.

By developing Craydel, the trio aims to empower students by providing them with access to verified information about colleges, helping them make well-informed decisions.

Transforming Higher Education Decision-making in Africa

In Africa, an estimated $30 billion is spent annually on higher education. However, the current student experience in accessing higher education is far from satisfactory.

Craydel seeks to transform this experience by aggregating choices and combating biases and misinformation. The platform empowers students to discover, compare, and apply to higher education institutions across Africa.

Expanding Educational Options: Online Programs and Career Assessments

Craydel offers students a comprehensive range of options, including online certificate programs. These programs allow students to explore various career paths before committing to a final decision.

The startup also provides career assessments to ensure students are a good fit for their chosen programs and colleges. Furthermore, Craydel guides students through the course application and visa processes.

Partnerships and Expansion: 90+ Universities and Vocational Colleges

Craydel has already formed partnerships with over 90 universities and vocational colleges in Africa and abroad. Currently, the platform offers a listing of 3,000 higher education programs, connecting students with diverse educational opportunities.

Utilizing AI for Personalized Recommendations and Decision-making

Building upon their proprietary AI-powered search and recommendation engine, Craydel aims to deliver spot-on suggestions to students and professionals.

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By analyzing interests, grades, budgets, career aspirations, and aptitude assessments, Craydel curates a customized list of potential choices, simplifying the decision-making process.

Tapping into the Growing EdTech Market in Africa

With internet penetration deepening and increased enrollment in higher education, the EdTech space in Africa is poised for significant growth. It is projected that education spending in Africa will reach $740 billion by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 14%.

Additionally, EdTech spending is expected to expand rapidly, reaching $57 billion by 2030. Craydel, along with other EdTech startups in Kenya, is well-positioned to address the challenges of accessibility, quality, affordability, and information in the education sector.

Craydel’s successful funding round paves the way for the company to revolutionize college selection and career guidance for students in Africa.

By providing comprehensive resources, personalized recommendations, and verified information, Craydel empowers students to access the best education pathways, unlocking their true potential.

The investment not only supports the growth of the startup but also contributes to the accelerated development of higher education and skills across the continent.


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