Diploma Courses that are better than Degree.

It is a dream of every form four leaver to join University and pursue a degree course in certain fields of interest. However, they fail to understand that taking a degree course does not guarantee an instant, well-paying job after graduation. Instead, one can pursue diploma courses that are equal or better than degree courses

Some students opt to undertake diploma courses in technical institutions and TVETs despite them having passed form four with university entrance grades as some diploma courses guarantee a brighter future after graduation.

Kenyan employers prefer diploma holders since;

  • Diploma holders tend to work harder everyday as they understand how competitive job market is.
  • They are not choosy with unrealistic expectations.
  • They serve their employer firms with loyalty.

Here is a list of some diploma courses which are way better than degree courses in Kenya:

  1. Diploma in Nursing

Today, nurses are among the most searched by Kenyan employers, in addition, as a nurse there is liberty to open and run your own clinic. Diploma courses are offered by KMTC which has established its branches in almost every county in Kenya.

  1. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Opening and managing your own garage is a handsomely paying job in Kenya right now. With the increasing number of vehicles imported daily together with other transport vessels, the market is becoming highly competitive daily. On top of that you get to be independent

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  1. Diploma in Quantity Surveying

An added advantage of this course is that you will never lack something to do no matter how difficult situations may seem. With a grade as low as C plain, you are able to pursue this course.

  1. Diploma in Pharmacy

With a diploma certificate, you can work in leading pharmaceuticals companies in Kenya earning not less than Ksh 100,000 a month. You can as well run your own chemist effectively.

  1. Diploma in Architecture

It is one of the best courses offered in Kenya. The demand for architects in the Kenyan market is still high as this field is not flooded.

  1. Diploma in Accounting and Finance

The Business world is always in need of accountants. This is the most sought diploma course in Kenya.

  1. Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism

Many top journalists in Kenya’s top media houses are actually diploma holders with very high salaries a. Self-employment is an added advantage too through online blogging and content creation.

  1. Diploma in Software Engineering

Companies are everyday searching for good software engineers to code and come up with complex programs for their firms and also protect company data from hackers.

  1. Diploma in Human Resource Management

Human Resources specialists are key decision makers in every company’s organization. Company operations cannot run efficiently without the help of HR professionals. Due to this demand, diploma holders are most preferred than degree holders.

  1. Diploma in Electrical Engineering

This course is highly marketable. Most of the individuals end up employing themselves in carrying out different simple yet paying tasks in residential homes such as electrical repairs and installation.

All these diploma courses are available in TVET institutions countrywide and higher technical institutions such as the Technical University of Kenya or Technical University of Mombasa.


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