Give us clear roles on university management system: CUE Chair.

The Chairperson of the Commission for University Education (CUE) Prof Chacha Nyaigotti has asked for a clear separation of powers in various university organs.

According to him, this is to enhance proper management and avoid power wrangles.

The Chairperson said that it is important that the roles of the vice-chancellor vis-a-vie the Chancellor and the roles of the university council which is a body cooperate that manages affairs of the university and the separation of the responsibilities between the council, the management and the senate.

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During the International Conference on Enhancing Education in Kenya held in between the 23rd and the 26th of  August in Mombasa, Prof Chacha revealed that there is a big challenge in understanding the separation of roles and the power of the governance committee, especially in private institutions of higher learning.

“There is a big challenge in understanding the separation of roles and the power of the governance committee, especially in private universities,” said Prof Chacha.

According to Chacha, the founders of the universities insist on being on the council since they are the board of trustees.

As a country, we have been a nation of policies and the country’s growth and development in the education sector have been led by blueprints and documents that can be used as referrece.

“Some universities have never had smooth, professional and proper handing over between the outgoing and incoming Vice-Chancellor because of meddling by trustees,” he added.

Besides, Chacha said that at the university level, there is no difference between private and public universities. He said that the university system should be looked at as an entity expected to focus on similar or comparable structures.

He added that some of the challenges and issues affecting Kenyan universities are caused by a lack of implementation of the great policies that focus on staffing due to the way that universities are funded.

In public universities, like in instances where the government is the founder Prof Chacha questioned why public universities were poorly funded and were unable to get the money to meet their financial needs.

The professor said that universities should have good quality facilities not just expensive and luxurious ones that cater for students’ welfare in order to create a conducive environment for students and make them feel the difference between high schools and universities.

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