Medics to get flexible postgraduate virtual scholarships

Medical practitioners now can further their education by studying virtually in selected universities abroad.

This follows the signing of a partnership between Unicaf and Kenya Healthcare Federation.

Unicaf business development manager Samson Kithika said the partnership will benefit interested healthcare workers and their families.

  “The scholarship comes with a 75 per cent offer for interested applicants. It is an opportunity for them to improve their skills,” he said during the launch on Monday.

Kithika urged healthcare providers to apply for the opportunities, saying the model is flexible.

“In the market there is a big uptake for medical professionals wanting to advance their studies, you can be able to practice, study and advance your work life,” he said.

The universities listed by Unicaf are all accredited by the Commission for University Education.

This means qualifications acquired from these institutions will be accepted in Kenya.

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KHF chairperson Kanyenje Gakombe said most practitioners don’t get a chance to further their studies due to time constraints.

He said most of them are unable to balance work, family and studies.

 “Most of us work for almost 24 hours, therefore it is difficult to go back to school on a physical programme and it is a real dilemma for many members,” Gakombe said.

He cited a time when he was offered a postgraduate scholarship but could not take it because of his job.

Since he lost the opportunity, Gakombe said it took him almost 12 years to pursue any postgraduate course.

“I understand how important it is to provide flexible learning for the medics who have to combine work, family and money together,” he said.

Gakombe urged KHF medics to take up the opportunity and submit their applications.

He underscored the need to advance studies, especially in the medical field.

“The most attractive professionals in this field are those that have higher qualifications. We cannot emphasize enough the need to allow our professionals to advance studies,” Gakombe added.

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