English Subject Failures Locks out Many students from pursuing Dream career.

Candidate who have received their exam results and would like to enroll in careers related to mathematics must now receive at least a C (plain) on the KCSE results in either English Subject or Kiswahili.

The aforementioned new approach will affect some subjects, such as computer science, ICT, economics, statistics, and finance, which are necessary to pursue a specific field of study or career. This will not affect the requisite admission mark of C+ (plus).

Before this changes, student’s placement in the courses mentioned above was solely based on their math test results.

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According to the newly proposed methodology, all students wishing to enroll in government-sponsored/ institutions must also be fluent in either English or Kiswahili.

Adopting proposals by university administrators might be a technique to ensure that graduates have strong communication skills in order to admit students to programs under agriculture, construction, and building.

Universities will also provide a number of education careers that have been simplified, which is also consistent with the philosophy.

Majority of education stakeholders who engage with students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Education have recommended lowering the admissions requirement for biology, physics, or chemistry from a C+ (plus) to a (C plain).

A number of stakeholders are for the idea that understanding of mathematics is no longer necessary to earn a bachelor’s degree in education.

Basically, all that will be required for admission is a C (plain) in either English or Kiswahili.

With the addition of Geography as an alternative to Chemistry, and Agriculture as an alternative to Biology, students interested in environmental sciences will now have a larger range of options when applying to universities.

These adjustments are seen as offering a softer landing because a large number of pupils perform better in geography and agriculture than in math and chemistry.

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