Kenya’s ADMI partners with Japan’s LunaTone to boost digital content business

LunaTone and ADMI have signed an MOU to connect ADMI with Japanese companies that have expertise, knowledge, and infrastructure in content production, and develop human resources related to the digital content business in Africa’s unique games, e-sports, and metaverse. Start the program.

The main programs are “Opening Master Classes”, “Support for Capacity Building”, and “Support for Outsourcing to African Talents”.

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Dr. Laila Macharia, Chairman of ADMI, said:

“The global shortage of engineers is estimated to reach 85 million by 2030, and Japan is facing a shortage of human resources due to the declining labor force due to the declining birthrate and aging population. On the other hand, many African countries are facing unemployment problems. We are facing. We believe that with targeted skills and support, young people in Africa can close the global talent gap. ”

We believe that this program will lead to an increase in the number of content creators and career paths in the African Continent, and eventually to the development and growth of the game-related market in the African Continent. In addition, Japanese companies will be able to gain a foothold in the African market and reach excellent human resources and growth companies in Africa in the face of Japan’s human resources shortage.

LunaTone will leverage its expertise and extensive expertise in the gaming, esports and metaverse business to provide programs that accelerate the growth of both Japanese companies and the African Continent.

LunaTone is a gaming agency specializing in digital content fields such as games, esports, and Metaverse, with the concept of “Borderless Corporate Play”.

On the other hand, ADMI is an innovative learning and work career accelerator that provides the training, mentorship, and resources young creators need to turn their passions into professions. ADMI’s vision is to create millions of African digital professionals and entrepreneurs who share creative digital content with the world for profit and influence.

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